Welcome to the homepage of Centre for Biomass Technology. We are a Danish biomass information network of four technological institutes working with biomass. Our job is to promote the utilization of wood, straw and other biofuels for energy purposes as alternatives to traditional fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas.

The network is based on high level technical knowledge and consists of scientific staff being experts on biomass utilization, combustion, engineering, economy, and fuel types.  

Our primary tasks are: 

     To support new biomass initiatives

     To transfer knowledge about biomass technologies

     To collect information about biomass technologies

Centre for Biomass Technology aims through objective information at promoting the use of biofuels in combustion plants up to 20 MW. We collect and disseminate know-how and experience about all technical and economic questions developed from the establishment and operation of straw and wood chip combustion plants.

One of our most important tasks is to help establishing cooperation between manufacturers, scientists, developers, users, plant personnel, etc. and bring down barriers for the promotion of biomass for energy production. 


FORCE Technology. Last update 14. juli 2015